Family Ministries

The family unit seems to be in jeopardy today and under a lot of change and struggle. At St. Michael we want to come along side families and support them in parenting as well as growing in faith together. We want to give opportunities for families to serve, volunteer and work together as well as have fun family outings. Our goal is to create bonding opportunities for you and your family members not only in Sunday church attendance but also at other events inside and outside the church walls. This helps create an environment within the church so families can come together for fellowship, support and Christian growth.

2018-19 Schedule for Midweek RECHARGE

Food, Faith-building, and Fellowship for Everyone!

Sept 12 - Start Date of Recharge.

May 15 - Final night of Recharge.

Oct 31 - No Recharge “HARVEST party”

Nov 21 - No Recharge, Thanksgiving Break

Nov 28 - Recharge occurs / No Advent Service (Pizza and Practice)

Dec 5, 12, 19 - Advent Services, no recharge

Dec 6 -  Jan 2 - Advent, no Recharge, Musical Practice, Youth Choirs, Dance

Jan 9 - Recharge starts back up

Mar 6 - Apr 17 - Lent, no Recharge. Soup and Salad Dinners served

Apr 24 - Recharge starts back up

May 15 - Final day of Wednesday activities

After dinner, there are choirs for all ages of kids (3 year olds - high school), dance class for 4-6 year olds, nursery staffed with professionally-trained volunteers for infants and toddlers, classes for adults, learning opportunities for elementary ages, and junior high programs. 

5:15pm - 8:00pm