We are a healthy, Christ-centered church, grounded in God's Word, empowering every member to shine the light of Christ into the darkness out of a passionate love for God and their neighbors.

A healthy church is founded on God's Word and functions as the Body of Christ with him as its head. It is not a church without challenges, but one that is guided by His Spirit and Word, with a common God-given mission, focusing us on passionately loving God and loving our neighbors.

It must be an empowering community where every member is growing in their relationship to Christ and toward more Christ-likeness; being equipped as a minister and missionary in ways that are appropriate to the gifts and setting God has given to them.

This church is a mission outpost, a lamp for shining the light of Christ. It must first contain that light, and then not keep it to itself, but shine it into the darkest hearts and lives around us until they too, shine with the light of His love.


To connect people to the Living God.

God wants far more for us than people realize. For some, God is not living, but just a concept, an idea to be shaped and molded as they see fit. Some are stuck in early stages of faith that keep them from a vital connection with the living God. Even strong believers need constant repentance, renewal and re-commitment to the living God. God's grace through Jesus Christ is available to all, and when realized, has the power to transform lives in powerful ways.

To help people to meet, grow and follow the real, living God, we seek ways for every member to be part of appropriate spiritual growth opportunities and areas of service. This begins with worship, prayer, and the study of Scriptures as the foundational activities of this church. We practice a variety of worship styles, recognizing each is a vehicle to honor God in spirit and truth. All ministries of this church have one common goal: to connect people to the living God.

As people grow in their knowledge and experience of the living God, they become those through whom other people are also connected to the living God. Together, as the Body of Christ, we look for ways to fulfill the Great Commission to go and make disciples and the Great Commandment to love God above all else and our neighbors as ourselves.