Bible Studies

  • Adult Sunday Bible Study and Discussion

    Now through May 19, 2019:
    9:30-10:30am with Greg Anderson  ~  Chapel
    9:30-10:30am with Linda Denzer  ~  Portable
    10:30-11:30am with Robert Hellie ~  Library
    Each Sunday morning during the school year, adults explore and discuss how God’s Word impacts our lives. Subjects vary: specific books of the Bible, topical studies, or video-based presentations by well known Christian authors. No prior Bible study experience is needed and no weekly preparation is expected. Coffee and snacks are available from the Bagel Café in the Gym. Drop in any week for rewarding fellowship and study. 
  • Wednesday Men’s Breakfast Bible Study

    6:30-7:20am  ~  Zack's of Plymouth on Main Street

    Start your day in the Word! End your week strong and prepare for weekend worship. Wednesdays, we take turns reading a section of Scripture, followed by relaxed and informal discussion. Fellowship, study, and coffee are the rule – breakfast is optional. Contact: Pat Lukasik at 734-981-1848 or David Schendel.

  • Wednesday Mornings

    10:00am, May 15 - June 5  ~  Chapel

    Cults and Cult Religions

    What is a cult? Why are the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses considered cult religions? Sign up on the Pastor’s board or call the church office. Questions? Contact Joan Geisler at

  • Wednesday Evening

    6:30pm, April 24 and May 1  ~  Chapel

    Israel without Jet Lag

    Journey through the Holy Land! Pastor Dave will share stories and pictures.

  • Thursday Elderversity Bible Study

    11:00am-12:15pm  ~  Chapel

    Anyone 55 to 99 is invited to attend! With a hassle-free and peace-filled setting led by Pastor Tim, come reflect on the Bible while you connect with friends. Study will open with praise reports and prayer before we begin a topical study or focus on a book of the Bible. Study will run a little over 1 hour. There is always coffee and occasionally cookies or snacks. Contact: Pastor Tim.

  • Friday Men’s Breakfast Bible Study

    6:30-7:20am  ~  Zack's of Plymouth on Main Street

    On Fridays, we will review and unpack the Scripture readings which will form the basis for the Pastor’s weekend worship message. Fellowship, study, and coffee are the rule – breakfast is optional. Contact: Pat Lukasik at 734-981-1848 or David Schendel.

  • Divine Drama Bible Study - Crossways

    Crossways will be offered each year beginning September and running 28 to 30 weeks, breaking for holidays, other times and ending in mid-May. 

    We will study the Biblical narrative from Genesis through Revelation emphasizing the major themes of Scripture and the application to our Lives of service today. There will be a very user-friendly paperback textbook with accompanying workbooks. For those of you who have taken Bethel or who always wanted to and desire a similar opportunity to grow deeper in your knowledge, understanding and application of God's Word to your life, this would be ideal for you. If you have always wanted to take a longer course or study and /or have never studied the narrative of the Bible from the beginning to the end, this is a great option for you. Regardless of your experience in Bible Study or where you presently are at with the Lord, you will be able to grow and feed upon God's Word at your own pace and level by the power of the Holy Spirit. Some advanced preparation each week is strongly encouraged but one can come any or some weeks just for the class and the discussion. Advanced registration is required and we are limited to the first 25 people and will have a waiting list if necessary. The cost for materials will be $35.00 which includes two (part one and two) paperback textbooks and accompanying workbooks. Cash or check payable to St. Michael Lutheran Church are acceptable and you can submit payment to the office or to Pr. Tim. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office at 734-459-3333 or

  • Evangelical Lutheranism 101

    In 1517, Martin Luther launched a revolution that changed Christianity and the western world. So, what was it that was so revolutionary? What is it that we believe? How might this be the same or different from other branches of Christianity? What difference might it make for life today? Listen to the two sessions on our Recordings page.