Membership at St. Michael

Most people begin the path toward St. Michael membership while visiting a worship service and/or event. After you’ve been visiting with us for awhile, you may decide it’s time to find out more. If this is where you are, you’ve already taken the first step!

Next,  you can attend a 45-minute Discovering St. Michael information session. This session provides details about our church, Christian community, and what we believe. This session is not required for membership, but is a great way to learn more with no strings attached. Check the calendar of events for upcoming dates, or call the church office. You may register by calling the church office at 734-459-3333.

If you want to become a member, please attend our two hour class we call The Bridge Retreat. The Bridge Retreat is the heart of the new member process and addresses the three "C's" of Connection: Connected to Jesus, Connected to Others, and Connected to Ministry / Growth. You can choose from three different times to attend this retreat — during the fall, winter, or spring. New members need to attend only one retreat. The retreats are led by one of the pastors. Be on the lookout for upcoming class dates. 

The final step is to be received into membership by the congregation at a worship service, and welcomed at a celebration dinner or luncheon held in your honor. Yes, we like to celebrate when new members join our church! So join us soon and let us throw a celebration for you!

If you have any questions or if you would like to begin the process, please contact our office for more information:

See you in church!