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All I Want for Christmas

The Advent season is a time of waiting and expectancy. Kids are counting down the days to Christmas. Adults are checking gifts off their lists. Advent wreaths are lit – one candle at a time. Jesus is coming! The question is, what do you want for Christmas? We can all say, “Jesus.” But how about being even more specific than that? Each Advent candle stands for something that the Messiah brings. So each week of Advent we will be looking at the meaning of these gifts of Joy, Hope, Peace, and Faith. Couldn’t you do with some of that this Christmas? Join us for this series weekends and Wednesday nights during Advent.


Past Message Series

Life At Its Best: Living in an Unwise World

We will look at how Jesus desires us to experience a joyful life to the fullest, growing in our faith walk with Him. That is life at it’s best. He calls us to timely living, faithful giving and joyful serving in an increasingly unwise world.


"Finding normal"

Will we ever go back to normal after Covid? Will there ever be an “after Covid?” What is “normal” anyway? Join us this fall for this timely weekend message series called “Finding Normal.” In it we look forward to discovering how finding what it means to be fully human will lead to healing of our post-Covid world. 


"Climbing the peaks"

All believers go through times of peaks and valleys in their faith. The question is, how can we experience a mountain top kind of faith in the valleys of life? People don’t live on the mountaintops. We live in the valleys. Be sure to be part of this summer’s weekend preaching series, “Climbing the Peaks” as we discover that mountaintop faith for everyday life through a study of the book of Philippians.



We live in a very anxious time that demands healthy spirituality. But many find themselves still spiritually immature, unable to slow down and just be with Jesus. This series, which begins April 17 / 18, is based on the book, “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.” Discover this spring how to be set free from the things that have been blocking you from experiencing all that God has for you.


"the path"

God had a plan. It might have been hard for people to see at times, but God was working to save people long before He sent his Son into the world. When He did, all of salvation history was found in the path that Jesus took to the cross. This Lenten season our weekend message series will be based on Ray Vander Laan’s study, “The Path to the Cross.” In the story of that path you can find new meaning for your own faith walk and journey to be Christ’s follower. This series starts in the middle of February and continues until the end of March.


"Mid-Week Lenten Services"

Based on Ray Vander Laan’s study, The Path to the Cross, The Path is where you'll find fresh meaning for your faith journey. Join us — online or in person — for special worship services that include video dramas and powerful testimonies from St. Michael's members.

Wednesday, Feb 24 – John Kersten

Wednesday, March 3 – Ann Marie Corey

Wednesday, March 10 – Matt Adams

Wednesday, March 17 – Nita Maxwell

Wednesday, March 24 – Abby Dunn


"True story"

People love a true story well told. That is the story of Jesus. But truth has fallen on hard times these days. Does truth matter anymore? This weekend message series, called “True Story”, began in late January and continues through mid-February.


"The mission"

What is your purpose or mission from God? Our church has a mission and as a member, this mission is also yours. Our mission as a church is “To connect people to the Living God.” But, what does this mean for us? Where is God leading us – in life and as a church? Join us for our new January message series called, “The Mission,” starting right after New Year’s on the weekend of January 3.


"Watchmen Wait"

Christmas isn’t the only thing that is coming soon. Jesus is coming soon. So, how do you prepare for His return? That’s what this Advent message series is about. It is about how to watch and wait for Jesus with an expectancy that gives your life hope and purpose. Join us every weekend for this series between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


"What Does Jesus Say?"

We will examine what Jesus teaches about priorities, generosity, and contentment in life as we seek to manage and share the blessings that God has entrusted to us, all by His grace. God desires us to live our lives joyfully and in service to Him and to our community and world.


"Church Matters"

Satan has done all he can to change things but now it’s time to get back to being the church! 


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