Stewardship Giving campaign 2023

Heart Matters

God has truly blessed us as a nation and as a congregation. However, it is important to remember that none of this is ours. We are only managers of God’s blessings, and He is the owner. He graciously allows us to utilize a portion for our own gain. To be a wise and faithful servant, it is important to acknowledge this truth, manage God’s wealth with great care and share God’s wealth as He directs us. Through this faithfulness, we can draw closer to Him.

Therefore, we are asking each member, over the next few weeks, to consider their financial commitment for 2023. By faith, we encourage you to reflect upon His assets that He has asked you to manage. Then, boldly, and prayerfully, accept the challenge to consider increasing financial support for the mission and ministry of His church for 2023.

Also, in keeping with our church mission statement, we are asking you to consider strengthening your connection to the Living God by expressing one or more action steps that you will prayerfully take to live more wisely in tune with His will and the abundant life in Him that He desires for you.

Please note that the Faith Giving Card is printed on both sides for the convenience of married couples. You may download a copy here. Since a Faith Giving Card is an individual commitment between you and God, it will not be recorded, but instead dedicated to God at the altar on Stewardship Weekend, November 19-20, 2022, as a faith-based gesture. The card will later be destroyed, sealing the individual faith commitment.

God’s Blessings,

Your Stewardship Team