Life Groups

Life Groups offer a path for both long-time St. Michael members and new Christ followers to grow closer to our Living Savior - and to connect with others in our church fellowship. St. Michael Life Groups are face-to-face gatherings of 6-12 people who meet regularly for the purpose of studying God’s Word and encouraging each other in personal spiritual growth.  

Life Groups promote a unique sense of belonging within our church – a feeling that one is truly connected to a life-giving community that empowers us to be the body of Christ. Once connected, many of us have been nurtured into a deeper walk with Jesus through prayer, Bible study, and Christian sharing of life experiences. Life Groups also provide for individual and confidential prayer support, a place to build friendships, and a situation for healthy accountability and encouragement.  

St. Michael is currently home to about 15 active Life Groups. Most gatherings are open to new participants – and specific topics, times and locations can be found in bulletins, newsletters and by contacting Pastor Dave or the church office ( Feel free to ask any Elder for more information, or to facilitate an introduction to a group leader.  You don't need to be a Bible scholar to join; in fact these groups are designed to help Christians explore and understand God’s Word in comfort and fellowship.  

We encourage all members to prayerfully consider joining a Life Group. Long time member or new Christ seeker, Life Groups are a uniquely effective way to learn more about each other and the God who has loved each of us with His very life!  

Expect to be invited to join a Life Group sometime this year, as this ministry continues to grow in size and spiritual maturity.