The mission of Men's Ministry is to engage men and bring them closer to Jesus, to help develop Biblical character, and to equip them to influence their world for Christ.  We are a band of Christian brothers striving to build up, encourage, strengthen, and sharpen ourselves. Our goal is to draw men into authentic Christian community and a personal relationship with Jesus.  

We do this by uniting around various projects, events, conferences, and bible study – uniting men in prayer, fellowship, ministry and accountability.  Men’s Ministry is a magnet for service and a resource for many other church teams and activities.  We offer many opportunities for men who attend on Sunday mornings to get “plugged in” to the St. Michael Church community.

Growth opportunities

Perhaps it’s unfortunate that so many men are “programmed” early in life to be independent and self-reliant.  While these can be good traits, the same strength and self-reliance which lead to success in today’s culture often make it harder for men to trust in someone or something “unseen.”  Faith is not a small step.  Being Christian in an everyday way involves men unlearning some early lessons – redefining themselves as men, husbands and fathers.  Naturally, such transformation and growth is best achieved in the company of other men. 

Opportunities to grow your relationship with God, other men, and with the world include:

  • Lutheran Lager League
  • Breakfast Bible Study
  • Wednesday Family Dinners
  • Men w/Flexible Schedules (MWFS)
  • Retreats / Conferences
  • Via De Cristo
  • Van Ministry
  • Small Groups
  • Adult Bible Study & Sunday School
  • Good Friday Men’s Breakfast
  • Praise Bands & Choir

Kingdom Service Opportunities:

  • Youth Mentor/Chaperone
  • Brown Ministry & Open Door
  • Kids Coalition Against Hunger
  • Small Group Leader
  • Bible Study Leader
  • Adult Faith Support Team Member

For more information contact the church office

Telephone: 734-459-3333


Camp Arcadia

Men's Retreat

Not All Masked Men Are Superheroes

  It's been a big year for masks. No matter where you live, what was once reserved for Halloween or hospitals is now a daily and sometimes hourly accessory. Heaven help you if you leave home without one! Men know all about masks--just not the kind made out of fabric. We wear masks of virtue and strength to hide our fears and frailties. We wear masks of confidence to shield those in our care from uncertainty and doubt. We wear masks of piety to keep judgment at bay. And yet, like a heat-seeking missile, the grace of God targets our unmasked selves. It ushers us into the light of forgiveness, and therefore honesty, that we might experience the love of Jesus-- and our Christian brothers--afresh. Join us for a weekend of comparing masks and looking together at how the Gospel burrows beneath them in tireless pursuit of freedom.

See the 2021 Men's Retreat Flyer Here!  

Camp-Arcadia's 2021 Registration Page