Sunday School Lessons

Your kids are pretty special kids. That is why we don’t want this time away from things like Sunday School and Children’s Church to deprive them of all we can give them for their spiritual journey.  So, we have provided you brief video lessons for you to use with them each week. These lessons are for all age-groups within Sunday School. You might consider watching the worship service on the weekend and then doing this lesson together. The worship service and lesson are not intended to relate to one another, but then, neither is Sunday School normally related to the topic in worship for the day. I hope you find these lessons to be a fun, enjoyable learning experience for your family. 

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Discussion Questions/Scripture

DOWNLOAD the Question Guide here for Lessons 1-17

Lesson 1: Forgiveness

Lesson 2: The Prodigal Son

Lesson 3: Palm Sunday

Lesson 4: Easter Sunday

Lesson 5: God's Will

Lesson 6: Best Friends Forever

Lesson 7: Carl's Bible

Lesson 8: Viewpoints

Lesson 9: Busy, Busy

Lesson 10: Mini Masters

Lesson 11: X-Ray

Lesson 12: Melda's Story

Lesson 13: Bryan's Story

Lesson 14: Chex's Story

Lesson 15: Olivia and Elyse's Story

Lesson 16: Noah's Ark

Lesson 17: ZZZ