Missed a sermon?  Want to see what one of the other services are like?  Below you will find our present and past sermons.

The Mission

What is your purpose or mission from God? Our church has a mission and as a member, this mission is also yours. Our mission as a church is “To connect people to the Living God.” But, what does this mean for us? Where is God leading us – in life and as a church? Join us for our new January message series called, “The Mission,” starting right after New Year’s on the weekend of January 3.


Watchmen Wait

Christmas isn’t the only thing that is coming soon. Jesus is coming soon. So, how do you prepare for His return? That’s what this Advent message series is about. It is about how to watch and wait for Jesus with an expectancy that gives your life hope and purpose. Join us every weekend for this series between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


What Does Jesus Say?

We will examine what Jesus teaches about priorities, generosity, and contentment in life as we seek to manage and share the blessings that God has entrusted to us, all by His grace. God desires us to live our lives joyfully and in service to Him and to our community and world.


Church Matters

Satan has done all he can to change things but now it’s time to get back to being the church!