Women's Ministry

The St. Michael Women’s Ministry exists to reach out to all women in all walks of life to support, teach, and lift up women in every stage of life.

Our team provides the following ministries opportunities:

  • Bible Studies
  • Service Projects
  • Quilting
  • Hope Clinic
  • Open Door
  • Book club (see below for full list)
  • Advent by Candlelight
  • Social Activities
  • Women's Tea

For additional information, please email: office@smlucanton.org

Camp Arcadia

Womens Retreats

Sept 15-17  &  Sept 22-24

Retreat 1 (Sept 15-17)


Do you ever struggle interacting with people who are different than you? Whether it’s race, class, culture, or even morality, it can be difficult to know what to say or how to say it. During her talk Peacemakers, Ashley Paavola will help you discover the skills you need to develop healthy relationships in a complicated world as a follower of Jesus. You will walk away with a newfound enthusiasm to experience Jesus’ promise – blessed are the peacemakers.

Ashley Paavola is the Youth and Family Ministry Director at St. Mark Lutheran Church in Battle Creek, MI. She is passionate about helping people see Jesus through racial reconciliation, trauma informed care, and ministry with people of all abilities. She has served in every area of ministry to families, from infancy to college to parent support, and in a variety of ministry styles from established suburban ministry to urban church planting. Ashley and her husband Chris have a multicultural family of seven built through adoption and foster care.

Retreat 2 (Sept 22-24)

Life in Relationship

Relationships are complicated – whether we have many or few. Our relationships often add layers of compassion, love, and kindness to our lives, but also add challenges, hurt, and frustrations. Love, boundaries, and grace in relationships have been human concerns since the dawn of time. During this retreat we’ll turn to the book of Ephesians to gain insight from the experience of the Ephesian Christians in their relationships and talk through the various relationships of our own lives to ground them more deeply in grace, safety, and well-being.

Heidi Goehmann is a licensed clinical social worker and mental health provider and also a deaconess. She loves walking with people to find the ways God has built restoration into our bodies and souls. She provides therapy, writes, and creates resources about mental health, genuine relationships, hope, and restoration at heidigoehmann.com. She loves her giant dog, Star Wars, hockey, adventures, and new ideas. She lives in Ludington, Michigan with her husband, four amazing kids, and 1.5 dogs.

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2023 Book Club List

  • Jan 16 “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah
  • Feb 20 “The Secret of Snow” by Viola Shipman
  • Mar 20 “All That We Carried” by Erin Bartels
  • Apr 17 “Missing Isaac” by Valerie Fraser Luesse
  • May 15 “The Music of Bees” by Eileen Garvin
  • Jun 19 “The Edge of Summer” by Viola Shipman
  • Jul 17 “The Four Winds” by Kristin Hannah
  • Aug 21 “The Good Apple” by Elizabeth Passsarella
  • Sep 18 “The Wedding Letters” by Jason F. Wright
  • Oct 16 “The Sometimes Sisters” by Carolyn Brown
  • Nov 20 “A Wish for Winter” by Viola Shipman