Women's Ministry

The St. Michael Women’s Ministry exists to reach out to all women in all walks of life to support, teach, and lift up women in every stage of life.

Our team provides the following ministries opportunities:

  • Bible studies
  • Outreach / Service
  • Quilting
  • Hope Clinic
  • Open Door
  • Book club (see below for full list)
  • Moms in Prayer
  • Off-site retreat
  • Advent by Candlelight
  • In-house retreat / conference
  • Social activities
  • Event / ministries strategy / planning

For additional information, please email:


Fall 2020 Bible Study

Does it seem like the world could collapse at any moment?  New facts and images delivered daily shake our views on life’s meaning, suffering and justice. How are believers to think and act? Paul gave God’s answer in these two letters to the Thessalonians. We will explore these two letters together and be encouraged by God’s unshakable message of peace, grace and love. 

What’s included in this upcoming study:  

  • Daily Scripture
  • Study questions
  • Study notes
  • Weekly Teaching
  • Weekly Gathering on Zoom with a small group

Class Offerings

  • Monday 7:00pm (Sue Ferrell, Leader)  
  • Tuesday 10:00am (Jeanine Davis, leader)

Sign Up  

  • The Women’s Board in the church lobby
  • Call the church office at (734) 459-3333
  • Sign up with your phone # and email and the leaders will contact you to help you with the Wordgo App.

Christmas Tree Crafts

November 14, 2020 at 10am in the Gym

Chunky Knit Trees or Wooden Shimm Trees
Sign up: The Women’s Board in the church lobby or Text CRAFT to 734-459-3333. A list of supplies is available on the Women's Board in the lobby.